XVIII Symposium

The Symposium on Mexican Studies and Students in the United Kingdom is an event with 17 years of tradition in the United Kingdom. Every year the symposium is organized in different universities in the United Kingdom by MexSoc UK, supported by CONACYT and the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom. This multidisciplinary conference brings together more than 200 international academics, researchers and students each year in a three-day event where they present and discuss their work related to Mexico and Latin America in their respective fields, seeking mechanisms for collaboration between institutions and dissemination of their knowledge , which can trigger regional development.


This year´s edition (XVIII) will be hosted by the Mexican Society in the University of Nottingham. The XVIII Symposium will feature a wide range of talks, interdisciplinary panels, presentations, debates, and networking opportunities. Given that diversity is one of the key ingredients for new ideas, the XVIII Symposium, with its multidisciplinary and global aspects, is the perfect center for creativity and innovation. The theme of this year’s edition is “Synergy, the Link to the Future”, where participants will try to break disciplinary barriers through panels and interdisciplinary discussions with experts from all fields. In this way, an atmosphere will be built in which opinions are valued from new perspectives, thus generating the opportunity to question beliefs from new angles, enriching and strengthening diversity in the world of research.


The themes to be developed are based primarily on the priority areas of CONACyT, but also on the themes most studied by Mexican scholars in the United Kingdom. The topics seek broad and multidisciplinary inclusion in a forum where they can be discussed from different points of view. The topics were divided into four categories:

1. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

2. Arts, Culture and History

3. Business and Administration

4. Law, Politics and Internationalization


The XVIII Symposium is organised by the MexSoc UK, the Mexican Society in the University of Nottingham, as well as the Mexican Cultural Centre (MCC). The XVIII Symposium has the support of the Mexican Government, through the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), the Mexican Embassy in the United Kingdom, the Centre for Mexican Studies UNAM-UK, the Coordination of Arts and Design Postgraduate Programme of the UNAM and, the National Design Award: “Diseña México”. 


Given the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak, and after careful consideration, the organising committee of the XVIII Symposium of Mexican Studies and Students in the UK has decided to postpone the event that was scheduled for July 8, 9 and 10 of the current year.


As the situation and the countermeasures are continuously changing, it is uncertain the direction that the coronavirus outbreak will take, therefore, it is not possible to schedule an alternative date yet. We will keep our website and social media up to date with any relevant information as the situation evolves.


We appreciate your support and will endeavor to deliver a great event.

 Jorge Llamas Orozco